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2014-06-10 - SVN Raffle

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2014-05-12 - Vist to SVN by author Ms. Gayatri Bahadur

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2014-05-05 - SVN’s May Blood Drive 2014

May Blood Drive 2014
Saraswati Vidya Niketan has done it again with its blood drive this year. In commemoration of Indian Immigration Day, the school has organised a blood donation drive in its efforts to fulfill its duties towards the society. Organised and executed mainly by the students of Form 4, the drive yielded 523 units over two days, 3th & 4th May, 2014. This is the 8th year the school has organised such a huge drive and the units collected increase significantly each year.

The students recruited approximately 1000 donors in about a month’s time. The students kept in contact with their recruits and reminded them regularly about the dates. All recruits turned up and 523 of them were confirmed to donate blood. The students took control of the drive on both days, conducting registration, ushering services and even giving moral support to some of the donors. The teachers were also actively involved, supervising the students and spending hours on the phone over the two days to recruit and remind prospective donors. The students and staff worked tirelessly over the two days to reach the target.

Saraswati Vidya Niketan has been organising blood donation drives on such large scales over the past 8 years and each drive has yielded high number of units of blood every time. The students and teachers are actively involved in these efforts. The school sees this as a way of contributing to the society and the students are always reminded to fulfill that duty. They are enthusiastic and willing every time and are always looking forward to be helping out. Saraswati Vidya Niketan continues to instill such values in its students and never ceases to remind them of their social duties as citizens of this country.


2014-04-22 - SVN students perform Bhumi Puja on Earth Day

The Principal and students performed Bhumi Puja on Tuesday 22 April, 2014 to mark the beginning of the construction of the science lab. The puja was performed on this day to coincide with Word Earth Day.

Various students took part in the rituals which were done to ask “bhumi” (Mother Earth) for permission to start the work. The puja entailed prayers and praises to the mother and asked her forgiveness for the heavy use of machinery and constant trod of footsteps and tools. Bhumi Puja involved thanking the earth for providing and sustaining life.

The students, Principal, contractor and engineer of the science lab were all involved in laying the cornerstone of the foundation. They were all involved in casting the first stone. Bhumi Puja was held to worship and thank the earth for allowing the construction of the science lab. The students were aware of the significance and sacredness of this act and felt blessed to be part of it.

SVN is now officially beginning work on the science lab after this puja. After lots of hard work and organization, the project is being realized and the Bhumi Puja was just the beginning step. While at the same time, SVN is rapidly progressing towards academic advancement, it never fails to remind students of the values and traditions of Hinduism. The students were reminded of their duty towards the earth and what they can do to respect and take care of it. They celebrated World Earth Day by worshipping the earth as “Mother” and are cognizant of the fact that she is the nurturer of life. SVN never ceases to remind its students of their connection and relationship with their surroundings and the environment and this is just one of the many values that the school instills in its students.


2014-04-17 - Construction of the SVN Science Laboratory has begun

Construction of the SVN Science Laboratory has begun. The foundation of the building has been prepared.

Science Lab Construction


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2013-12-09 - SVN Condolences on the passing of Nelson Mandela

Mandela Condolence Book
SVN Students signed the Official Book of Condolence for former president of South Africa Nelson Mandela.


2013-12-09 - SVN Student among top regional CSEC awardees

CSEC 2013 Awards
Rafena Mustapha has done it again. She was recently awarded the CSEC 2013 Regional Award for the Most Outstanding Candidate in Humanities. Rafena, among other candidates, was felicitated at the National Cultural Centre on 5 December, 2013. The ceremony was graced by The President and Minister of Education of Guyana, senior CSEC officials, Caribbean publishing houses representatives and officials from UWI. Teachers and family members of the awardees were also among the special guests. Other officials connected to CSEC Guyana were also present at the ceremony.

Rafena and the other candidates were awarded for their excellence in the CSEC 2013 examinations. She gained distinctions in all 15 subjects that she wrote and received merits of many of them. The awardees were given plaques and books among other things. They were also given scholarship letters to UWI and would get a chance to complete a degree there after successfully completing CAPE exams.

SVN wishes to congratulate Rafena Mustapha on her outstanding performance and for getting such a prestigious award. Guyana has copped five out of eight regional CSEC rewards and Rafena is one of the awardees. The school is proud of Rafena and wishes to encourage the other students to excel and even surpass her accomplishments. SVN wishes her all the best on her future endeavours and hopes that she lives the values instilled by SVN wherever she chooses to go.


2013-11-13 - 2013 Divali Blood Drive

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SVN does it again!

Saraswati Vidya Niketan has just completed a mega blood drive which yielded 551 units. The 2nd Divali Blood Drive, conducted on the 9th and 10th of November, was organized and executed by the students and teachers of the school, along with the assistance of officials from the National Blood Bank.
Students of the school recruited over 800 voluntary donors for this drive. The school organized this drive as a Diwali gift to the society. It is the school’s way of inculcating the values of dharma(duty) and responsibility to its students. Most of the planning for the drive was done by the students and teachers of the school.

Saraswati Vidya Niketan has been organizing blood drives since 2007 and has recruited almost 1800 units of blood up to 2012. The target has been set at 1000 units for this year, 2013, alone. The first blood drive, held in May, yielded 508 units. This Diwali blood drive added another 551 units. Therefore, Saraswati Vidya Niketan has recruited 1059 units of blood in this one year, which is one-tenth of the nation’s need. All units are given to the National Blood Bank to buffer the country’s supply.

One institution alone has provided one-tenth of the country’s need and this is no easy task. With hard work, effective planning and execution, Saraswati Vidya Niketan has managed to serve the society and country. The students are aware of their duty and responsibility as citizens of Guyana and are very enthusiastic about recruiting and helping with the blood drive. SVN would like to thank members from the National Blood Bank and the voluntary donors, past and present, for their consistent support over the years.


2013-10-10 - Dikshant Samarop 2013

Dikshant Samarop 2013
Saraswati Vidya Niketan sent off 53 graduates at its recently- held Diskshant Samarop. The graduation ceremony took place on Sunday 6th October, 2013 and boasted chief guests like the First Lady Shrimati Deolatchmi Ramotar and Professor of Law, Shri Ved Prakash Nanda, of Denver University, amongst others. The school is also celebrating its tenth anniversary and the results of this year’s CSEC batch proves that SVN has made its place among the top three schools in Guyana since its inception.

The First Lady congratulated the students and school on behalf of the President, His Excellency Donald Ramotar and wished the students good luck. It was indeed gracious of the President to send his wishes to the graduating class. Professor Nanda, who gave the charge, urged the graduates to take up challenges and to serve their society faithfully. The Principal and Founder of the school, Swami Aksharananda Ji, also reminded the students of their duty towards society and encouraged them to be more aware and helpful in their communities.

The Principal, in his report, also congratulated the teachers on doing such a great job in guiding the students and helping them to achieve such outstanding results. He reminded the invitees of the culture and value system of SVN and urged parents to fully support the school and their children. The Best Graduating Student of the batch, Rafena Mustapha, reminded her peers to live the values they have learnt during their years at SVN and she encouraged the upcoming classes to maintain and heighten SVN’s shining reputation.

This year’s Dikshant Samarop saw the many successes of SVN’s ten years since it officially started in 2003. The school has reached to number three in the country and is rapidly making its way to the top. It has expanded its buildings and upgraded its facilities. SVN also plans to begin work on a Science lab. The school has managed to plan and execute 7 national blood drives and has recorded the highest number of units ever donated in the Caribbean this year. The school has sent three students overseas to complete their degrees in various subject areas and they are now back serving as teachers and administrators within the school. SVN has also managed to train some of its teachers, all of whom are now on staff. The school has a staff of highly trained and experienced teachers and is attracting students from very diverse backgrounds.

As SVN celebrated its ten years of existence, it is only a fervent hope that the glory days are multiplied with the hard work of the teachers and students. The school aims to provide the right learning environment for its students so that they can be model citizens in society. Congratulations to the class of 2013. Saraswati Vidya Niketan extends blessings and wishes to the class and hope that they carry the values and virtues they have acquired here.


2013-08-30 - CSEC 2013 Results

CSEC 2013 Results

The great Hindu nationalist and revolutionary, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, who was also the founder of the Indian National Army, like many of his contemporary compatriots was a student in England at Cambridge. At the end of his first term he sent a detailed report of his results to his parents, and much to the annoyance of native students, he stood first. Each term he faithfully sent reports home of his academic progress. He was invariably at the top of his class, so all he needed to say to his adoring parents was: Term Report - As Usual.

For this year, we can also report that the CSEC 2013 SVN Report (is) -As Usual.

Our students and their teachers continue to perform brilliantly at the regional examinations. Of the 69 top performers in Guyana this year, Queen's College has accounted for 32, followed by SVN with 12.

In all, 53 students appeared for the exam this year. The maximum number of subjects written was 15 which was one more than last year. Of this number 45 students matriculated, that is, they passed a minimum of ten subjects with English Language and Mathematics. In fact the majority of the students who matriculated at SVN did so with 14 subjects (12) and 15 subjects (24).

We have to report that 8 students did not matriculate. Two of these passed in 11 and 14 subjects respectively but failed in Mathematics alone. Another student who passed in 13 subjects failed English alone. One of our students failed both English and Mathematics but managed to pass 8 subjects. We are very sorry to report that one student, being severely mentally challenged, did not pass in any subject at all.

Our best graduating student this year is Rafena Mustapha who passed all 15 of her subjects with distinctions. Parmeshwarie Seodat came second with 15 grade ones, 13 of which were distinctions.

Saraswati Vidya Niketan will continue to produce successful students in years to come. This will not be possible without the determination of our students, the hard work of the teachers and the support from parents and well-wishers. We wish to congratulate all our students and promise to report next year’s results as – As Usual.

  2013-07-12 - SVN completes 10 Years of Excellence

10th Anniversary
Saraswati Vidya Niketan has completed its 10th anniversary this year. The school was officially opened in May 2003 with 35 students and a staff of 5 teachers. Today, Saraswati Vidya Niketan has an enrollment of 457 students with a staff of 28 teachers.

The school has prepared 9 batches of CSEC students so far and has gained excellent results over the past years. It has recorded a 97% pass rate (Grades 1-3) at the CSEC 2012 examinations. SVN has employed many retired and experienced teachers with years of CSEC knowledge. The staff also includes newly- trained junior teachers and qualified administrative personnel.

Saraswati Vidya Niketan has accomplished much over 10 years and is consistently working to improve the standard of education provided to its students. We are dedicated to give students an all-round education that will mould them into dutiful and obedient citizens. In order to do this, the school is beginning work on the new Science lab and has plans to provide each student with a tablet with proper internet connections and appropriate educational apps.

The school owes its success to the Principal and hardworking staff and numerous sponsors and well-wishers from all around. Saraswati Vidya Niketan provides a healthy and stimulating learning environment for its students and it will continue to do so for many more years to come.

  2013-07-12 - SVN Students Excel in Karate Grading Exam

Karate Grading Exam
Senior male students excelled at a recent karate examination on 21st June at Saraswati Vidya Niketan. Twenty- eight students participated in the examination. Twenty-four of these students gained yellow belt rank and four gained orange belt rank. The grading was conducted by Sensei Amir Khouri and Sensei Mortley.

Saraswati Vidya Niketan is proud of its students and their efforts. We are always encouraging the all-round development of our students. The school feels that karate is important because it serves as a balance between academic and physical activity. Karate helps with the students’ concentration and self-discipline. It is also a way of life because it encourages development of the mind and body.

The school collaborated with International Karate College/ University under the guidance of Sensei Mortley. This was the first grading examination to be held at Saraswati Vidya Niketan.

  2013-05-19 - SVN Blood Donation Drive achieves 508 Units

Blood Drive 2013

Saraswati Vidya Niketan, in collaboration with SEWA Guyana and Cornelia Ida Temple, completed its 7th Annual Blood Donation Drive on 18th and 19th May this year. This drive attracted 534 potential donors and yielded 508 units of blood, which is probably the largest number ever collected in Guyana. There was a target of 501 units but with the hard work of the students, teachers and temple and community members, the target was met and exceeded.

The students of SVN had recruited 815 potential donors. A number of 295 of the recruits were able to donate blood. As we were nearing our target, the students again put in some extra effort and went around the community recruiting more people. Other donors included old and new donors, past and current students and residents of the surrounding villages like Cornelia Ida, Anna Catherina and Hague. Some donors even came from as far as from West Coast Berbice. There were also entire families that came out to contribute towards the blood drive.

Saraswati Vidya Niketan has recorded its highest number of blood units collected and has done it with great organization, assistance and hard work. All those involved gave their time and effort voluntarily. SVN wishes to thank the workers from the National Blood Bank, the members of the Cornelia Ida Temple, the reporters from Kaieteur News and the community members.

We are immensely proud of our students who encouraged and recruited most of the potential donors. The school aims at educating its students of their social responsibility and this activity is one way of doing so. Finally, we are grateful for the support of our donors who come year after year in huge numbers to support this worthy cause of voluntarily donating blood. It was indeed a blessing to work with such people to help save lives.

  2013-04-24 - Sagicor Visonary Challenge 2013

Sagicor Visonary Challenge 2013
The Science students of Saraswati Vidya Niketan participated in the recently–held Sagicor Visionary Challenge where they shared their research and information gathered on Bascillus Thuringiensis - a biological bacteria which can be used to eradicate mosquito larvae but is healthy and eco-friendly as well. The students, all from Fourth Form, were tutored by Nehru Narine, the CSEC Human and Social Biology and CSEC Integrated Science teacher at SVN. The students were grateful for the exposure gained during the competition and promised to perform even better at the next challenge.

  2013-04-24 - First Day Havan – Ramnavmi Term 2013

First Day Havan Ramnavmi Term 2013
Saraswati Vidya Niketan commenced its new term, Ramnavmi Term on Sunday 21 April, 2013. Teachers, students and parents were all present. The students performed a Saraswati Puja and took blessings for the new term.

Swami Aksharanandaji, Rudradatji and Justice Nandram Kissoon ji all addressed the students and gave them advice and best wishes for the new term. They also acknowledged the parents who were present and encouraged them to take active roles in their children’s education at SVN. Other special guests included Shri Beni Singh and his daughter, Varshani Singh.

  2013-04-11 - Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre Donation

The Students of Saraswati Vidya Niketan presented a cheque of two hundred and seventy three thousand Guyana dollars ($273, 000) to the Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre on the occasion of Holi.

Students were encouraged to save their own money and later on contributed towards the donation. They felt that it was the right thing to do to celebrate Holi. They were willing to give their savings to the centre and were satisfied that their money would be put into good use.

SVN is constantly reminding the students about their duty and responsibility towards society as citizens. Saving their money is one way of demonstrating that they are willing to help build the society in which they live. SVN is proud that the students have contributed towards this endeavour.

  2013-02-13 - Kayman Sankar Scholarship

Prominent businessman, Shri Beni Sanka Ji, gave Saraswati Vidya Niketan a scholarship of one million Guyana dollars. Sixteen students received scholarships for tuition for two school terms. Parents and students were invited to a ceremony to meet with Shri Beni Sankar Ji. Parents were extremely grateful for the assistance. Students were advised to work even harder to prove that they deserve such rewards.

Swami Aksharananda, Principal of SVN, expressed gratitude for this gesture. The school is indeed fortunate to receive such assistance from the business community. The school hopes that more people show such interest in the future. SVN is proud that people are interested in the well-being and development of its students.

  2013-01-09 - 2012 World Hindi Day Celebrations

The Guyana Hindi Prachar Sabha & Saraswati Vidya Niketan will be hosting a programme to celebrate WORLD HINDI DAY (Vishwa Hindi Divas) on Sunday January 13, 2013. The programme will start at 1pm and will be held at Saraswati Vidya Niketan. For more info, call 276-0014, 658-8505, 270-6578.

  2013-01-09 - SVN receives scholarship from GGI/AGM

Saraswati Vidya Niketan has received a scholarship of 1.2 million GYD from the Canadian-based gold exploration company, Guyana Goldfields Inc. GGI/AGM distributed 20 million GYD as part of its Holiday Children Needs Assistance/Development Initiative.

The company aims to support non-governmental organizations and groups that are “working effectively at providing education, support systems, food, shelter and all round moral and cultural activities to children in need in Guyana.” GGI/AGM is seriously committed to the development of children and youths in Guyana and hope to render more support in the future.

Swami Aksharananda is thankful for the interest and support of the company. SVN is currently distributing the scholarship funds to students who fulfill the criteria.

We are indeed appreciative for the help the company has offered to our students.

  2012-11-10 - SVN Fund-raiser in Miami

Donors and well-wishers of Saraswati Vidya Niketan held a fund-raising activity on 10 November, 2012 in Miami, Florida. The activity was organized by Ravi Ramjit, of European Collision, a long-time friend and supporter of SVN.

A total of USD 7, 182 was donated by supporters. The funds will go towards the building of SVN’s Science Laboratory. Saraswati Vidya Niketan has embarked on the project of attaining a Science lab to better facilitate its students.

Swami Aksharananda has expressed his gratitude to the supporters of SVN. He is thankful that so many people are concerned with the successful development of this institution. SVN aims at building all-rounded students and the Science Lab is just one step in succeeding to do so.

We look forward to the continued support of our well-wishers.

  2012-11-03 - 2012 Graduation Ceremony

SVN's 8th Dikshant Samarop was held on 28th October, 2012. 34 Students graduated with a 97% pass rate from Grades 1-3. The President, Prime Mninister, Minister of Legal Affairs and the Regional Chairman of Region Three were amongst the special invitees who attended the graduation ceremony.

  2012-08-13 - CSEC 2012 Analysis

The CSEC 2012 results are out, and we want to take this opportunity to congratulate the students of this country, obviously including Ms. Sarah Hack who was this years’ top CSEC student.

We also want to congratulate our own students who have maintained the high standard set by their predecessors. In particular, we are happy to congratulate our best student Ms. Bibi Ameena Nazaralie, who secured 13 grade ones in all the subjects she wrote. These 13 grade ones, however, are a little testimony to her will and character as she has had to triumph the most challenging of circumstances to reach this level. We are truly happy for her.

I especially want to thank the teachers of SVN. We have been blessed with an exceptionally dedicated group of men and women. There are some who are truly outstanding, and what we are now finding out is that their commitment, inspiration and motivation have been turning out to be quite contagious. No school could ask more of its teachers.

As reported in the media, there has been some talk of the performance of private schools in Guyana. We, at Saraswati Vidya Niketan (SVN), would like to share the following analysis of our results so that we might be in a better position to understand the role of private schools in our country. This year SVN offered 13 subjects with 34 students appeared at the examinations, held in May and June.

A total of 31 (91%) students were successful, passing with grades 1 to 3, in 11 or more subjects, including Mathematics and English Language. Of these 31, the media reported that 11 of our students have featured among the top 175 (1%). Only two other schools in Guyana have done better.

In all 165 (39.01%) grade ones were awarded, followed by 172 (40.66%) grade twos, 74 (17.49%) grade threes, 11 (2.6%) grade fours and a single (.24%) grade five. This shows that our students have secured an impressive 80% pass in grades 1 and 2 only, and 97% pass in grades one to three.

As far as individual subjects are concerned each of the following: Caribbean History, Economics, Geography, Human and Social Biology, Integrated Science, Information Technology, Office Administration, Principles of Business and Social Studies recorded 100% pass (grades 1 to 3).

The subjects in which did not score 100% were English Literature (88%), Principles of Accounts (91%), and Spanish (97%). The full complement of 34 students wrote all the subjects excepting Economics, Human and Social Biology and Office Administration in which in which 15, 14 and 20 students respectively appeared.

We now come to the results for Mathematics and English Language, which continue to be the subjects in which students in Guyana and the rest of the CXC regions, traditionally perform poorly. However, as far as SVN is concerned these are precisely the two areas in which our students have consistently performed spectacularly.

It has been revealed that the regional pass rate (grades 1 to 3) for Mathematics is 33%, while the national rate in 29.9%. The government pilot school secured a pass rate of 40%, the public schools 31%, private schools 27%, and private candidates 29%.

The story in English Language reveals a similar pattern. The regional pass rate in English was 47 % versus Guyana’s rate of 37%. The pilot schools topped both the regional and national rate with 52%. The pass rate for public schools was 39% private schools 36% and private candidates 25%.

At SVN, the pass rate (grades one to three) for Mathematics was 97%, representing a considerable increase over the 2010 and 2011 results of 88% and 90% respectively while the pass rate for English Language was 91% as compared with 85% and 98% for 2010 and 2011 respectively.

Two other salient points should be considered in analyzing the results at SVN. The first is that no student of SVN is permitted to go outside of the school for lessons. This has been our rule from the day this school started. Whatever extra help students need, is given right here by their teachers.

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The second point that will put SVN’s results in a better perspective is that the average NGSA (Common Entrance) score of this batch of CSEC students was 471, the lowest being 381 and the highest 531. The student with 381 passed all 12 of her subjects with Mathematics and English. Given a wholesome and conducive environment, so-called ordinary students can produce extra-ordinary results. This is what teachers and students at SVN have been doing since 2005.


2012-07-13 - Visit by Zara Realty

Zara Realty 2012
George Subraj, owner of Zara Realty (NY), visited Saraswati Vidya Niketan (SVN) today in the company of some distinguished doctors. Doctor T. P. Patel gave a presentation on primary health care. He indicated how we can notice symptoms of common diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Dr. Patel also presented a slide show of his outreach work that he is doing in Gujarat, India. The doctors will be training two SVN staff and four Fifth Form students in the use of equipment for testing blood pressure and blood sugar. The doctyors will also be donating the equipment to SVN and SVN hopes to use these to do basic medical outreach for the well-being of the surrounding community. George Subraj has been a donor and friend to SVN over the years. He has donated the Zara Computer Lab and one of the school buses that transports students to and from school amongst other things. SVN is once again thankful to Subraj Ji for his continual support and look forward to a long future together.


2012-07-09 - SVN Scholars Return from the USA

Saraswati Vidya Niketan, (SVN) is delighted to announce that all three of its students sent on scholarships to the United States have finally returned to Guyana.



The last to return from the USA was Natasha Persaud who rejoined the school and her family on June 17, 2012. Natasha did a business degree and graduated from York College, City University of New York CUNY) . She was among the best graduating students at SVN in 2006 CSEC examinations, and was the first student to have officially enrolled in the school, after taking a transfer from a prominent city school. She is now teaching at SVN.

The other two students who came back in 2011 are Nirmala Singh and Kaminie Singh (not related). Nirmala Singh graduated from Brooklyn College CUNY with a degree in Mathematics Education. Nirmala was SVN’s Best CSEC Graduating Student in 2005 and was in the first batch of students to appear for CSEC at SVN. Prior to returning, Nirmala taught in New York City schools as a requirement for her degree. She is now with SVN, teaching in the Mathematics department.

Kaminie Singh graduated from Lehman College CUNY with a degree in English Education. Kaminie was SVN’s Best CSEC Graduating student in 2006. As a young student at SVN, it was evident that Kaminie loved reading and showed a flair for writing quite early on, so it was little wonder that she graduated from Lehman with honours. She teaches English Language and Literature at SVN.

All three of these young teachers will be a great asset to SVN when the school introduces CAPE in 2013. A number of students and their parents have indicated a strong interest in having SVN move to this advanced CXC level. When this happens, it will be the only secondary school in Region Three to do so.

The scholarships for these three former SVN students were financed by a single extended USA-based Guyanese Hindu family, the Ramnarayans. They took care of all tuition costs, books, travel, and other incidental expenses, in addition to providing room and board. According to the founder and principal of SVN, without the intervention of the Ramnarayans, it would not have been possible to provide these scholarships. What is extremely heartening is that the family has committed to supporting future scholarship programmes of the school.

In the meantime, Swami Aksharananda has indicated that the institution will continue to invest in the training and development of its young teachers. Currently, it is supporting two teachers at CPCE where they are pursuing the Associate Degree in Education. The school is paying their tuition fees, in addition to providing them a monthly stipend of $50,000 each, plus their travel. They plan to move on to the University of Guyana with continued support from SVN.


2012-05-23 - SVN Blood Donation Drive achieves 253 Units

Click for a larger versionSVN held its annual Blood Donation Drive (Rakta Daanam) on Sat 19 and Sun 20, 2012, and 253 units of blood were collected for the National Blood Bank of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). The response from students, teachers and the surrounding community of West Coast Demerara was as excellent as it has been in previous years, with 410 persons responding. Last year, 2011, Rakta Daanam, surpassed 300 units of blood for the National Blood Bank. SVN first held the Rakta Daanam exercise in 2007 and to date it has collected 1,288 units for the National Blood Bank. See photos below.

The actual procedures for donating blood are conducted by staff of the National Blood Bank. SVN provides a suitable location and organises the community to participate.

'Rakta Daanam' is a Hindi phrase that translates as 'Blood Giving'. SVN conducts this exercise to demonstrate and teach civic participation to its students. Participating students have a parent's permission to do so.

Rakta Daanam 2012
Rakta Daanam 2010
Rakta Daanam 2007







2011-08-31 - SVN 2011 CSEC Examinations Results